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Information for Counsellors

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The information below is to provide Counsellors with information and advice when working on the Staffordshire County Council contract (-SCC).

Therapy Centre Services have been provided with this contract for 3 years from November 2023 and will be providing Counselling support for Employees, School referrals, Carers and other self-referrals that come through from this referrer.

Please do not ever send reports to Staffordshire County Council directly as we have to password protect documents and add the client's internal reference code.

Please note there are 2 main referral routes;

1. Manager referrals - this is where a Manager is referring an employee and this will be recognised in the client reference where you see -SCC(MR) in the reference code.
 Reports are required and will be sent back to the Manager. Please use the Initial Session Manager report and Final Session Manager report.

2. Self-referral - this is where an employee self-refers themselves without their Managers knowledge and this will be recognised in the client reference where you see -SCC(SR) in the reference code. These referrals are strictly confidential. Please use the Initial Session summary report - self referral and Final Session summary report - self-referral.

Thinkwell is the wellbeing division of Staffordshire County Council who aim to provide the most suitable support for individuals. They are providing short-term support for employees.

Six sessions are provided for all referrals. It is unlikely that any further support will be provided by ThinkWell unless in exceptional circumstances. A clinical recommendation will need to be submitted before the last session and only 2 additional sessions can be requested at any one time. Counsellors need to detail why the extra sessions are required.

The aim of the services provided is to support a prevention and early intervention approach.

Triage appointments
If you are completing a Triage assessment please read the following;

Please allow 20-30 minutes for the triage to be completed by telephone

Download the Triage assessment form;

Triage Assessment form
Please complete the form and both PHQ and GAD assessments

Please note:
It may not be appropriate for Counselling support to be recommended - see below for reasons when a counselling referral will not be considered;

1. When an individual is already receiving counselling or similar support from the NHS or other provider

2. When the individual has had a number of short term interventions from ThinkWell or other source previously,  but their situation is not improving.

3. When the individual has a diagnosed long-term condition which a short-term (6 session) intervention is unlikely to support.

Please ensure you include in your report where counselling is recommended;
Preference for telephone / online or face to face sessions
If face to face sessions please confirm preferred location
Male or female Counsellor preference
Any potential barriers to them accessing regular weekly counselling sessions

Clinical Scores
At the initial and final session and for all triage appointments we are required to completed 3 assessments;

1. GAD
2. PHQ

When you have completed the initial assessment and final session please go to; and submit the scores from the assessments


Manager referrals require;

Initial session Manager report
Initial session summary report

Final session Manager report
Final session summary report

PHQ - initial and final session
GAD - initial and final session
and submit the scores from the assessments

Self-referrals require;
Initial Session summary report - self referral
Final Session summary report - self referral

PHQ - initial and final session

GAD - initial and final session
and submit the scores from the assessments

All reports must be sent to within 24 hours of the end of the session
Any late reports will impact our SLA's with this referrer and you will not be able to charge for the session

We cannot charge for DNA'd sessions so it is important that suitable next appointment dates are discussed and agreed with your clients, and the importance of attending all sessions is discussed, due to the limited number of sessions available for them. Any missed appointments do have to be notified to their employer.

Staffordshire County Council have a WellMe approach designed to help individuals to understand how they can take personal responsibility to improve their health. We have uploaded the WellMe - My ThinkWell Plan to so you can share this with your clients and encourage them to use the workbook during or post-counselling support.

WellMe offers support through the internal online system for Staffordshire County Council employ
ees. Please see below a diagram which outlines the information and services that are accessible for employees through the WellMe online portal;

My ThinkWell Plan
Please encourage all clients to use the My ThinkWell plan as part of their therapeutic journey, either during or post-counselling support

My ThinkWell Plan

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