Counselling client testimonials

“Lucy has been supporting me for over 12 months now, during a time in my life when I was trying to cope with bereavement, significant losses and ill health. 

In every counselling session, she has always been professional, supportive and non-judgmental. Lucy has been able to make constructive suggestions for action and, as a result of her support, I have been able to make progress in beginning to return to a life which is more productive. 

During the pandemic, Lucy has been flexible in modality of delivery and timing of sessions if I have had other commitments, and she has been the regular lynchpin of my weeks during stressful lock-down, providing a safe place during my isolation"

“I have been seeing Nikita for around 1 year now for counselling sessions, mainly due to painful low self esteem and confidence issues. There aren't enough words to express my ongoing thanks and gratitude to her, for all that she brings to our sessions and for her unwavering compassion and support on my journey.

 Nikita has made me feel completely at ease in our sessions from the very beginning.  She always fully present in our sessions, providing a listening ear, her valuable insight, knowledge, humour and her willingness to fully understand situations from my perspective. These attributes, in my experience, sets her apart from previous counsellors I have worked with before"