Counselling Client testimonials

"I cannot explain how much Lisa has helped me. She is incredible at her job and just an

all-round amazing person. 10/10 would definitely recommend her as a counsellor to anyone"

"Karen was very supportive, knowledgeable, warm, and helpful. Can’t thank her enough."

"Throughout therapy Heather has been professional, extremely knowledgeable, kind, and reliable. Her manner, support and guidance throughout the process enhanced my own experience and I feel has resulted in a more positive outcome for myself. I have experienced anxiety since childhood and the significant improvements in my mental health and well-being have had a major impact on my quality of life. I am extremely thankful to Heather and would not hesitate to recommend her or TCS to others as the whole process has been seamless."

"I really appreciate having a safe space to talk about my feelings without any judgement and I really appreciate the advice and conversation that I had with Karen. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the importance of putting myself first."

"I came to counselling for the first time, scared, worried and lost. Lisa took time to understand me, opened my eyes and mind so I could change how I felt and deal with life. She has exceed all expectations and taught me so much that I now feel able to share. Thank you"

“Lucy has been supporting me for over 12 months now, during a time in my life when I was trying to cope with bereavement, significant losses and ill health. 

In every counselling session, she has always been professional, supportive and non-judgmental. Lucy has been able to make constructive suggestions for action and, as a result of her support, I have been able to make progress in beginning to return to a life which is more productive. 

During the pandemic, Lucy has been flexible in modality of delivery and timing of sessions if I have had other commitments, and she has been the regular lynchpin of my weeks during stressful lock-down, providing a safe place during my isolation"

“I have been seeing Nikita for around 1 year now for counselling sessions, mainly due to painful low self esteem and confidence issues. There aren't enough words to express my ongoing thanks and gratitude to her, for all that she brings to our sessions and for her unwavering compassion and support on my journey.

 Nikita has made me feel completely at ease in our sessions from the very beginning.  She always fully present in our sessions, providing a listening ear, her valuable insight, knowledge, humour and her willingness to fully understand situations from my perspective. These attributes, in my experience, sets her apart from previous counsellors I have worked with before"

"Thank you for your support over the last few weeks, you have without a doubt helped me in my time of grief to learn how to cope with things. You have helped me in so many ways and given me the tools I need to move forward. I can't believe how far I have come in such a short time and I know you have helped me do this. So again thank you from the bottom of my heart"

"My counsellor Ellen was absolutely wonderful. She has given me a very positive experience of counselling and I would recommend her to anyone. She showed great empathy, support, patience and great listening skills. Making me feel valued, important and respected. I will miss our sessions hugely. I can’t thank Ellen enough for being there for me throughout this challenging time. She helped me reach a point where I’m able to manage my situation on my own. Her care, concern and level of understanding is deeply appreciated and I will always, always remember her. It has been a journey of great transformation, self discovery and self development."

Counselling Student testimonials

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the work I have carried out with TCS and have always found the management team all to be very supportive."

"I think TCS are absolutely great and I love your business model and part of being a team. I’ve also been really grateful for the opportunities you have provided."

"I have very much enjoyed the work that I have done and continue to do with Therapy Centre Services and have always appreciated a friendly and supportive person whenever I have needed it."

"Its a great feeling to be on board permanently with Therapy Centre Services"

"I would like to say thank you to you and all your team. This has been a really positive experience for me and I have felt very supported as I gain my clinical hours. I am also very keen to continue with TCS after qualifying."

Employer testimonials

"During our time working with Therapy Centre Services, we have found them to be highly professional, quick, and courteous. They have provided an excellent service, often within short time frames and their guidance and support has been second to none. We would highly recommend their services to anyone."

"Therapy Centre Services have been supplying our company with Virtual Counselling services for some time now and we have found that there efficiency in allocation of our referrals to clinicians to arrange assessment/treatment is fantastic. We introduced Therapy Centre services as a supplier to meet our needs quickly due to our evolving requirements as a healthcare management business and they have risen to the challenge, even with our process varying from their experience previously. Therapy Centre Services have been willing to work with us to improve the service offered and ensure they meet our business needs, there reports are concise and informative."

"We partnered with Therapy Centre Services in 2020. They became our dedicated provider of wellbeing/counselling services to our employees and their immediate family members.

The implementation was quick and straightforward, Lucy had us up and running within a matter of days and I can always rely on Lucy and the team making very quick contact with anyone who has been newly referred and in need of support. I have received only positive feedback from everyone who has used/continues to use Therapy Centre Services. In addition, Lucy and Nikita provided some really informative sessions for us during our recent Mental Health Awareness week. We were very grateful for them giving their time to support us.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending Therapy Centre Services to anyone at a personal or corporate level."