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Counselling & Support Services
for Employers

Our latest blog is now available, discussing our alternative services instead of using an EAP:



Why offer counselling for your employees?


New 2020 analysis from Deloitte shows for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover.

According to the Office for National Statistics 131.2 million working days were lost due to sickness in the UK. Approximately 14.3 million of these days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety.


We work with businesses to provide Counselling services to help your organisation and support your employees to help them to resolve any work or personal related issues that are having a negative impact on their work.

Common issues include;

Bullying / harassment

Communication problems


Interpersonal conflict

Low motivation and job satisfaction

Mental health issues

Performance issues

Poor health

Work related stress

Personal related issues

Counselling can explore healthy coping skills that employees can use to manage work related stress and other issues. 

Counselling can also help your employees to explore and implement stress management techniques and explore assertive communication as well as conflict resolution skills.

"During our time working with Therapy Centre Services, we have found them to be highly professional, quick, and courteous. They have provided an excellent service, often within short time frames and their guidance and support has been second to none. We would highly recommend their services to anyone."

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Telephone Support Helpline

This package enables your employees to have access to our well-being helpline which is available 24 / 7


Any employee who is struggling with a work or personal related issue can contact us to access our signposting team, to access support or contacts who can help them, or we can make a clinical recommendation for Counselling services delivered by our Counselling Team. 

Calls are triaged as follows;

Tier 1 call (£30 per call)

A Level 1 call is received where the caller is able to articulate their concerns, have clarity about the support they require and are either signposted to relevant external agencies or recommended for counselling support and a referral request submitted to the employer for authorisation for sessions to proceed.


Tier 2 call (£40 per call)

A Level 2 call is received where the caller is showing signs of distress with no suicidal ideations / evidence of self-harm. These callers are supported through the call, grounded and offered signposting or a referral for counselling support. We also encourage them to access support through their GP and an agreed ‘action plan’ is emailed to the client at the end of the call with information discussed and any phone numbers / contacts for signposting or support.


Level 3 (£50 per call)

A Level 3 call is received where the caller has disclosed thoughts of self-harm and suicidal ideation. These callers are supported throughout the call, and a recommendation for further counselling support is provided. A safety plan is discussed and completed during the call (attached) which contains relevant information. We contract at the start of these calls that as they are assessed as a Risk Level 3 that their employer has a duty of care and we request informed consent (written) to escalate this to our named contact. A GP referral is also recommended, and the helpline Counsellor ensures that the employee is safe, has a support network around them or in some cases a 999 call has been made where the employee doesn’t have a support network, to access the relevant NHS mental health support. This is charged at a full session price due to the level of intervention and subsequent actions that are taken by the helpline team / Manager.


All Level 3 calls are escalated, and added to our ‘At Risk’ daily register, so that we ensure continuity of contact is maintained either through our service, or by the employer or GP.


There is in addition a monthly management cost of £2500 - £5000 depending on the size of the organisation and requirement for 7am - 7pm cover or our 24 / 7 helpline service.

Life coaching

Counselling sessions

Our Counselling services team provides unlimited confidential counselling and support services for your employees.

We offer 2 tiers of service;


Tier 1

£45 per session (no reports)

Tier 2

£50 per session, including assessment, initial report, interim report and final report

Account Management, responding to queries from employers

Provision of data, statistics and other strategic information as required

Employees can have as many sessions as they want or need, agreed by, and supported by you as their employer. We aim to provide the alternative solution to traditional EAP's where sessions can be limited, which is not always in the best interest of the employee depending on their presenting issues and current sickness or absence status.

"Therapy Centre Services have been supplying our company with Virtual Counselling services for some time now and we have found that there efficiency in allocation of our referrals to clinicians to arrange assessment/treatment is fantastic. We introduced Therapy Centre services as a supplier to meet our needs quickly due to our evolving requirements as a healthcare management business and they have risen to the challenge, even with our process varying from their experience previously. Therapy Centre Services have been willing to work with us to improve the service offered and ensure they meet our business needs, there reports are concise and informative."

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Stress Management

We have a range of bespoke packages for stress management. Ranging from full day workshop sessions for full teams, half day sessions, individual sessions focused on stress management techniques or providing individual stress management assessments. 


We can provide support, information and coping techniques to improve performance and employee engagement. 

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we can tailor this offering to suit your needs.












We can provide support on-site to support employees who have been involved in a critical incident. Providing psychological debriefing, team support and 1-2-1 support as required.

Cost £350 per day

+ travelling and other expenses





Rewind Therapy for PTSD

We can provide support to employees who have been involved in a traumatic incident and are experiencing PTSD symptoms. Unlike other sometimes intrusive trauma therapies, The Rewind is available without the client disclosing what the traumatic incident was.

The benefits of non disclosure include:
Minimizing the risk of the client being re-traumatized.   
There is no fear of disclosing sensitive information e.g. In the case of servicemen, for example, about deployment. 
For survivors of rape and sexual abuse the benefit of not having to disclose details of the event to a stranger is self-evident.

Cost £65 per session

Usually the client requires no more than two sessions to bring about closure for single traumas.


"We partnered with Therapy Centre Services in 2020. They became our dedicated provider of wellbeing/counselling services to our employees and their immediate family members. The implementation was quick and straightforward, Lucy had us up and running within a matter of days and I can always rely on Lucy and the team making very quick contact with anyone who has been newly referred and in need of support. I have received only positive feedback from everyone who has used/continues to use Therapy Centre Services. In addition, Lucy and Nikita provided some really informative sessions for us during our recent Mental Health Awareness week. We were very grateful for them giving their time to support us.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending Therapy Centre Services to anyone at a personal or corporate level."

Critical Incident Debriefing

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