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Information for Counsellors

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The information below is to provide Counsellors with information and advice when working on the RABI contract (-RAB)

Therapy Centre Services are providing online / telephone and some face to face confidential counselling support for farming people.

We will be representing RABI when providing services to the farming community and share their visions below;


No member of the farming community should have to face adversity alone

RABI Mission

We exist to provide guidance, practical care and financial support to those in need within the farming community

RABI values

Caring  - We are committed to treating everyone with empathy and compassion.

Fair  - We strive to treat everyone equally and reasonably.

Trust  - We won’t let people down, working with honesty and openness to achieve what we have promised.

Respect  - We value the contribution made by all and treat others as we would like to be treated, with sensitivity and without prejudice.

Stewardship  - We take great care of the resources entrusted to us and act with integrity to maximise their use.

We ask that all Counsellors working with RABI clients maintain these values throughout the counselling process.

Twelve  sessions are provided for all referrals. It is unlikely that any further support will be provided by RABI unless in exceptional circumstances. A clinical recommendation will need to be submitted  and Counsellors need to detail why the extra sessions are required.
Reports required
Initial Session Report
Final Session Report

Clinical Scores
Please complete both PHQ and GAD assessments on Halaxy at the initial and final sessions and submit scores at;

PLEASE NOTE : All reports must be sent to within 24 hours of the end of the session
Any late reports will impact our SLA's with this referrer and you will not be able to charge for the session

RABI provide guidance, practical support and financial support to the farming community. If you are working with a client who has any specific additional needs where RABI may be able to help, please complete the short form below;
Additional support recommended

Thanks for submitting! We will forward this request to RABI for additional support.

This information will then be sent to RABI so that they can reach out to the client to discuss other areas of support.
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