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101 things to do in lockdown!

In March 2020 the UK heard the word 'lockdown' for the first time, and entered very unprecedented times. Nine months on and the UK have once again entered 'lockdown' resulting in many people feeling isolated, bored and alone.

Unable to continue with our busy lives, going to work, meeting friends and family and taking part in hobbies and interests.

This results in us experiencing a wide range of different emotions which feel different, and unusual to us. Some of these feelings might include frustration, anger, stress, fear, helplessness, lonely, depressed or very low. These feelings are completely normal and understandable at this difficult time.

There is so much outside of our control, so it is important to try where possible to regain some sense of control over our day to day lives. Setting the alarm for the same time each day, eating regular meals, going to bed at the same time each day and having a schedule for the day can be very helpful.

But what do we put in our schedule if we are in lockdown? This may be day to day jobs and tasks around the home, calls to make to friends or family, planning for post-lockdown writing lists, goals and forecasts or how about selecting something from the 101 ideas of things to do in lockdown?

We hope this list is useful.....

1. Keep a ‘quarantine’ diary / blog

2. Plan a new menu for the week with new recipes you have not tried before

3. Listen to a new podcast such as Happy by Fearne Cotton

4. Organise your photos on your phone or PC

5. Call a friend or family member

6. Volunteer with GoodSAM to provide support to others in isolation

7. Attend a 'virtual tour' of a National Trust property or through Visit England

8. Read a biography about someone who inspires you

9. Complete some mindfulness colouring

10. Watch a live stream theatre show from the National Theatre

11. Organise a 'home pamper' day

12. Organise a 'house party' quiz with friends and family

13. Learn a new skill accessing courses online through Wowcher or Groupon for example

14. Organise your finances

15. Take part in the 7 day happiness challenge from Action for Happiness

16. Complete a jigsaw puzzle

17. Reorganise a room in your house (completing a deep clean at the same time)

18. Go for a walk

19. Take part in online Yoga, exercise or cardio workouts on YouTube

20. Treat yourself with some 'online' shopping

21. Declutter a cupboard or drawer, or your whole kitchen

22. Start a 'blog'

23. Upcycle a piece of furniture

24. Watch the TED Talks podcasts for inspiration and hope

25. Write a short story - or a book

26. Learn to crochet, knit or embroider

27. Bake a cake

28. Join a virtual pub quiz

29. Join an online book club

30. Look for a PenPal online and write a letter

31. Learn a new game such as Backgammon, Crib, or other card games

32. Plan birthday and Christmas gifts for all your friends and family for 2021

33. Play games online with friends on your phone or using Jackbox Games

35. Visit the Tate Gallery online

36. Organise a karaoke night using an app such as AirConsole

37. Solve a mystery - using Reddits Unsolved Mysteries

38. Paint with Bob Ross on YouTube

39. Give yourself a manicure or practice some nail art

40. Build a Lego sculpture

41. Complete a crossword or Soduku

42. Learn to brew a new beer, or make a new flavoured Gin

43. Plant some new flowers or plants inside or out

44. Make some face masks using material scraps found within the home

45. Make a travel bucket list and research each destination

46. Complete a DIY project in the home

47. Induldge in a chocolate making class online

48. Play a Murder Mystery game online with friends or family

49. Take out a magazine subscription and sit with your feet up and a cup of tea

50. Set some new goals for 2021 and get organised

51. Take up photography and start practicing around the home

52. Learn how to arrange flowers

53. Create a mood board, using cork tiles

54. Update all your passwords on online sites

55. Learn calligraphy

56. Learn how to code using a step by step guide to computer coding book

57. Create a collage or scrapbook of your life, with friends, family and memories

58. Organise your desk, workspace or filing pile

59. Learn how to draw

60. Find a new box set on Netflix or Amazon and watch every episode

61. Design your family tree

62. Organise your diary or online calendar for 2021/22

63. Review your finances and look at money saving ideas

64. Teach your pet some new tricks

65. Learn a new dance using YouTube or TikTok

66. Clear out your pantry and donate to local food banks

67. Start a new qualification online

68. Start a side project to sell services or products online

69. Make some woolly hats for Age Concern's Innocent Big Knit campaign

70. Learn some new hair styles or make up techniques using YouTube

71. Sell all your unwanted items on Ebay to bring in some extra cash

72. Learn to bake with Bread Ahead bakery school online

73. Spend some time on your mental health, journaling or writing affirmations

74. Visit Edinburgh Zoo online

75. Learn a new magic trick to impress your friends when you see them again

76. Watch a concert on

77. Play Pictionary using Quick Draw with Google

78. Join Massimo Bottura on Instagram for daily Michelin cookery lessons

79. Join Joe Wicks for a daily workout

80. Check out all the virtual rides at Disney on YouTube

81. Take a virtual Harry Potter tour

82. Make a memory box

83. Learn Origami

84. Have a relaxing bath with your favourite bath bubbles

85. Give yourself a makeover

86. Organise your computer files and folders

87. Join in a range of online activities on United Response

88. Research a charity that you like to be involved in, and how you can get involved

89. Experience the Northern Lights online

90. Join the Fullers Brewery virtual pubs and regular events online

91. Watch some Cabaret on the Hippodrome's online site

92. Explore the Eden Project online

93. Watch Treasure Island from the National Theatre online

94. Watch some live comedy

95. Join the virtual Ping Pong challenge with The Big Smoke Events

96. Join a scavenger hunt at home with The Big Smoke Events

97. Bake with Mary Berry from home entering a live baking competition

98. Host your own 'Come Dine with Me'

99. Join 'Masterclass' online to learn new skills from experts and celebrities

100. Play virtual bingo

101. Book some counselling sessions - take time for you to work on your mental health

We hope this blog has been useful and if you want any support please self-refer yourself for online or telephone Counselling sessions by contacting us on 07895 796857 or completing our self referral form

We are here for anyone who wants to access Mental Health support during a period of self-isolation

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