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Safeguarding Documents

1. If you identify that your client is at risk this must be indicated in your appointment handover submission via:

2. These handovers are picked up by the team, and where risk is indicated at 3 will be escalated to your account manager / safeguarding lead. We will make contact with you to discuss the risk where indicated at level 3 or above. A safeguarding form must be completed for any clients at Risk level 3 or above.


3. If you have any safeguarding or concerns around client risk, these must be discussed with us immediately after the end of the session, both by phoning (or messaging if out of office hours) the main number 07895 796857 and by emailing to ensure a member of the team can pick this up.

4. If you have any clients who are risk level 2 or above we would recommend the Safety Plan is introduced with your client. If your client is at risk level 3 or above you must complete this Safety Plan with your client during session.

Guidance Document - Working with suicidal clients

Risk factors checklist

Suicide Safety Plan

Adult Safeguarding - Recognition & Reporting

Risk Policy

Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy - Recognition & Reporting

Safeguarding Form

Safeguarding Guidance

Consent to release information to a 3rd party


We hope that these Safeguarding policies and procedures are not needed for many of you, however it is important that you have a copy of these guidelines and that you familiarise yourself with our internal processes in case these are required.

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