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Information for Counsellors

The information below is to provide Counsellors with information and advice when working on the Rhondda Cynon Taf contract (-RHO).

Therapy Centre Services have been provided with this contract for 3 years from November 2023 and will be providing Counselling support for Employees through the Educational referral route.


Referrals are for 6 sessions (maximum)

It is unlikely that additional sessions will be approved, due to limited funding, however in exceptional circumstances you can submit a request however please manage your client’s expectations. We are only able to submit a request for 2 additional sessions at any one time.

Clients can self-fund further sessions (£35 per session)

Initial Appointment

Contracting with standard EDR statement of understanding

Complete Core 10 on Halaxy and submit score through;

Final Session

Complete Core 10 on Halaxy and submit score through;

There are no reports for this referrer

We cannot charge for DNA'd sessions so it is important that suitable next appointment dates are discussed and agreed with your clients, and the importance of attending all sessions is discussed, due to the limited number of sessions available for them. Any missed appointments do have to be notif
ied to their employer.


Additional information

Rhondda Cynon Taf have an Employee Assistance Programme (VIVUP) – you can access their leaflet through the link below;


Occupational Health information

Employees can be signposted back to the EAP for further support after the 6 sessions if required.

Other signposting options can be found through the Occupational Health Wellbeing Booklet;

OH Booklet

Employees can access support and help from Rhondda Cynon Taf through the online portal;


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