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Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can be a crucial part in the success of a relationship in time of struggle and stress. Often, couples can avoid of ignore challenges they are facing in life and how this impacts on their relationship. This can result in the breakdown and ending of many relationships. 

Relationship counselling can offer time and space to reflect on behaviour and to help to understand why they feel and respond the way they do. They may need to face past experiences which may be unresolved and which may be re-playing in their current relationship.


Sometimes, our early experiences of family and relationships can have major impacts on our intimate adult relationships.

Whether the couple believes ultimately they want to, or are able to, fix issues to save the relationship or whether they believe that it is best to separate, this type of counselling will help them to;


- Work on themselves as individuals within a relationship 

- Understand each other and each others personal struggles

- How to change unhealthy patterns within the relationship to move forwards.

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