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Senior Qualified Counsellors




Please find below the invoice template for you to complete each month and submit via email to

Please include a breakdown of the sessions (with client references) completed that month on a separate email.

 Please click here to download: INVOICE TEMPLATE

Please ensure your invoice is submitted by 9am on the below dates:
Friday 29th September
Tuesday 31st October
Thursday 30th November
Friday 29th December

For Qualified Counsellors - Please find our rate of pay for each EDR client below:

AGI        £20.00

AMP       £20.00

ASC        £25.00

BBC        £20.00
BHR        £20.00
BMTR     £20.00
BWS        £20.00
CL        £20.00
COR        £20.00
DOS        £20.00

DRB         £20.00
EMM        £20.00

ENF         £20.00
FPP        £20.00
GIP        £20.00
GJA        £20.00

ING        £25.00
INN        £20.00

INS         £25.00
IWH        £20.00
K2        £30.00
KML        £30.00
LIG        £20.00
LOD        £25.00
MAG        £20.00
MAR        £20.00
MER        £20.00
NET        £20.00

PACT     £25.00

PRI          £20.00
SCH       £20.00
SOH        £20.00

SPA         £20.00
SUG        £20.00

TBF        £25.00
TOH        £20.00
TRN        £20.00

UKEM     £35.00
VS        £25.00

VIL        £20.00
VIS        £25.00
VIT        £25.00
VOE        £20.00

VVH        £20.00
WA        £25.00
WAL        £25.00
DIRECT        £20.00

You are able to invoice ½ of the session rate above for all clients if the client DNA’s their session, providing you have attempted to contact them on Google Meet, called them on their mobile if you are unable to reach them and that you have provided 15 minutes for the client to connect from the session start time. This only applies to clients where a session is booked, and you attempt contact / Meeting link sent within 15-minutes of start time. This does not apply to cancelled sessions where more than 15-minutes notice has been given, or for any sessions where you connect with your client and arrange to reschedule.



If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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