Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

All employees are dealing with a wide range of issues, either personal or work related which can impact their ability to fully function at work. 


According to the Office for National Statistics 131.2 million working days were lost due to sickness in the UK.

This is an average of 4.1 days per employee.

Approximately 14.3 million of these days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety.


What can Therapy Centre Services offer?
The absence due to stress, depression or anxiety has an impact on employers. We work with businesses to provide Counselling services to help your organisation and support your employees to help them to resolve any work or personal related issues that are having a negative impact on their work.

Common issues include;
-    Personal related issues
-    Bullying / harassment
-    Communication problems
-    Discrimination
-    Interpersonal conflict
-    Low motivation and job satisfaction
-    Mental health issues
-    Performance issues
-    Poor health
-    Work related stress

Why offer counselling for your employees?
Counselling can be very effective in working with clients presenting with personal or work related issues and can effectively treat depression, anxiety and other mental health symptoms.

Counselling can also explore healthy coping skills that employees can use to manage work related stress and other issues. 

For example exploring unhealthy thoughts which often results in low mood and overall wellbeing.

Counselling can also help your employees to explore and implement stress management techniques and explore assertive communication as well as conflict resolution skills.

Some employers offer counselling to their employees. These counselling sessions provide an opportunity for employees to discuss any issues that may be affecting their work performance with a trained professional.

We encourage Employers to offer a minimum of 6 paid for sessions with the flexibility to offer further sessions depending on the presenting issue and the needs of the Employee. We can negotiate further sessions, or alternatively Therapy Centre Services can recommend signposting or access to other services.


We provide a block of 6 sessions for £210 per employee

Should reports be required by the employer these can be provided at the initial session, the interim session and the final session. The reports respect the confidentiality of the client and do not contain or disclose the content of the therapy content. The reports will confirm attendance to the sessions, the therapy focus and how the employee is working towards the therapy focus. The report will also contain recommendations for further sessions, signposting or additional information to support the client to return to work. 

Cost per report : £10

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Providing Counselling services for clients in;

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